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Living Calm in the Chaos

Living Calm in the Chaos is a family program based in mindfulness (meditation), movement (yoga, qi gong, and labyrinth), body and emotional awareness (Focusing), and cultivating gratitude, empathy, and compassion for self and others.

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Mindfulness in Education

Mindfulness in schools allows children and adolescents to learn how to pay attention to what is going on in their lives (mind, body, heart). When young people have the skills to manage their emotional and physical experiences, they are empowered to make healthier choices for themselves and act empathically and compassionately toward others.

Mindfulness Program

Girls Connect

Girls Connect brings girls together in a safe environment to explore themselves, their relationships, school, inspirations, and difficulties as well as other topics relevant to their age.

Girls Connect Program


It motivates us to step up and ease the physical, mental, and emotional pains of ourselves and others.
It is 
accessible to each of us at anytime.

Our beliefs about compassion and how to nurture and live a compassionate life begins by recognizing that inside of life, there are obstacles: loneliness, grief, sickness, suffering, inequity, and misfortune. It’s easy (and somewhat natural) to want to avoid or escape these situations.  However, if we can recognize these situations as part of the human experience, and not as a failure or something that we have done wrong, then we are able to be loving and present with ourselves (and those around us) during these difficult moments. If we can begin to shift our perspective and work first to transform our suffering into love, kindness, and self-care, then we are able to heal ourselves from the inside out. This bearing witness to our own misfortune is the essential platform for being able to understand and be available for others and their own suffering. This is compassion; the realization of our own suffering which allows us to understand the suffering of others and motivates us to work to help ease their pain.

Inside of our work at Manitou Center, we hold space for the difficulties that arrive inside of individuals, families, groups, and communities, with deep compassion. We act by creating generative spaces that support the interconnectedness of life and the inherent humanity of our shared existence. It’s big work, but work we believe makes for a better, more compassionate, healthy, and engaged world.

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