Zen Orientation-Beginner’s Body-Mind

An introduction to practice at Zen Garland Dharma River Community

This is a monthly opportunity for orientation to zazen (sitting meditation) and practice at Zen Garland Dharma River. We’ll walk through the basics of sitting meditation and orient you to practice in the Dharma River community.

This class is intended for people who want to develop a personal meditation practice, those who are interested in practicing with a group, those who have no experience with Zen, and those who may already have a meditation practice. All are welcome.

This is also an opportunity to ask questions that may come up in your practice, such as:

How should I sit?
What should I be doing?
My back hurts; my leg is asleep – what should I do?
What’s the deal with bowing?

Feel free to come with your questions, and your beginner’s mind!


Nov 09 2019


8:00 am - 9:00 am


Free - Donations to Manitou Center gratefully accepted


Manitou Center
686 W. 5th St -- Winona, Minnesota
Eileen Toshin Hanson


Eileen Toshin Hanson

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