Youth Kung Fu

This class is for younger learners and those who are entering into their study of kung fu. Students at Manitou Center are trained in a system that promotes health and longevity as well as becoming proficient in a highly effective system of self defense. Students start by learning Kung Fu forms (sets) and techniques that open and stretch the body as well as condition the muscles, bones and cardiovascular system. Students learn to use their body to generate power through relaxation and fluidity rather that stiff muscular force. Students learn the about working to train themselves as an integrated, whole individual. This includes focusing not only on moving our bodies, but also on simultaneously engaging our minds!


Oct 15 2019


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


$45/month; 1-2 classes weekly


Manitou Center
686 W. 5th St -- Winona, Minnesota
Paul Kisho Stern


Paul Kisho Stern

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