Mala Making at the New Moon

Have you tried to meditate but found it difficult because your mind wandered so easily? Do you love the beauty of stones and crystals? Would you like to create sacred space in your home while setting an intention for the time ahead?

Mala means “wreath” or “garland”, and is a set of “prayer beads” used to enhance mindfulness, to support meditation and to set intentions. Most spiritual practices and religions have used a strand of beads to mark progression during practice and prayer, because a mala helps ground the practitioner in the present moment. A mala gives a physicality to return to, helping to maintain concentration and focus.

In this workshop, you will create your own “wrist mala” of semi-precious stones, silver beads, and a tassel. Kim Hammer, owner of SUTRA global, has created one-of-a-kind mala kits for you to choose from (with stones of jasper, jade and rose quartz, for example). Each kit contains everything you need for a 27-bead mala. As you string your mala, she will talk about the meaning of each part of the mala, the significance of the numbers of beads, and some interesting facts from various spiritual traditions.

Once everyone has completed their mala, we will gather for some simple yoga postures to prepare for sitting meditation. Kim will offer a guided imagery session for mala practice focussing on the breath and setting intentions at the new moon. After this session, tea will be served and Kim will have a small selection of SUTRA wares on offer, including additional mala kits.

Kim Hammer is the owner of SUTRA global imports and leads art-focused travel tours to India and Bali. SUTRA means “thread” in Sanskrit and was chosen to reflect Kim’s love of textiles and yoga. She began making malas more than 10 years ago, following the death of her partner. She is guided by an appreciation for the space where art and spirituality intersect.

Learn more about SUTRA or contact Kim with questions at

$39 includes mala making supplies, yoga, meditation and tea


Oct 26 2019


2:00 pm - 4:30 pm



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